Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Music Video's has Perry produced so far?
A. Over two dozen music videos.

2. Are you presently making any new videos at this time?

A. Yes

3. Where is Most High Music Productions located?

A. Camden, NJ

4. Have you performed at Wiggins park Camden, NJ?

A. Yes

5. How do I find out where Perry Jenkins and The Lord's Mercenaries will be performing next?
A. See our Calendar page.

6. Where can I purchase your CD's online?
A. You can purchase them here in our store or CD Baby


7. Who do I call or e-mail to request a performance at my church?
A. Go to our Booking Form

8. Does Perry sing with any other groups?
A. Yes

9. How much does your CD's Cost?

A. $10.00

10. Do you offer a multi package of CD's?
A. Yes